About us

We are a small family run business that specializes in making very light, high quality worship flags. Our Hineni banners use a patented turning system and are made of beautiful silk organza. 

Waarom Hineni? 
"Hineni" in Hebrew means "here am I" or "see me". God puts Abraham to the test by instructing him to sacrifice his son, after which Abraham replies with “Hineni” (Genesis 21). God calls us in the same way. To come forth and show us, just like Adam, Abraham, and Moses.

It is our desire and vision that Hineni Banners will inspire and equip many worldwide. In relationship with Him we may step out and say, “Here I am, see me”.

Why Banners? 
A raised banner shows what I believe in and that I'm willing to show myself. It gives strength, recognition and above all inner freedom. The inside can come out and that is exactly what makes Hineni Banners special. The Hineni Banners are strong, but because they are extremely light, they look vulnerable. As if by this God is saying, "It is not by might or by power, but by my Spirit." Worship is the highest form of spiritual warfare because in our weakness His power is shown and that is what we want to stand for with Hineni Banners.


    We are a small family business and we like to make personal contact. We are proud of our products and love everyone who uses them.


    What makes Hineni Banners so unique are the RollOn™ grips. They provide light banners that do not get tangled. RollOn grips are only available with Hineni Banners.


    Our worship banners are handmade from different types of organza. Each banner is carefully inspected before it is shipped out.


    Hineni Banners has no profit motive. Our vision is to bless others as we have been blessed. All profits go to support missionaries worldwide.

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