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Black Yarn Organza

Worship Banner Bronze

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These Hineni Banners worship flags are made from organza woven with 'black yarn' and come in three sizes. This organza variety has a nice deep dark breakdown, but the color remains intense. Black yarn organza banners have a strong character.


Our worship flags are currently available in four sizes, 'small child' (35x50cm), 'small' (65x95cm) 'medium' (75x95cm) and 'large' (85x120cm). Because our flags are very light, they can be used everywhere. Especially in smaller spaces, the size small and medium are most suitable. The small size is especially suitable for children from six years old and up.

Care instructions

It is important to handle the worship banners with care. Organza is a very sensitive fabric. It is however possible to iron the flag on the silk position of your iron. The rod is made of high quality carbon, but is breakable due to careless use, such as accidentally hitting a wall or standing on the rod.